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If you are a Reseller whose core business is selling and installing telecom products and services, such as a Cable Company, Network Installation Company, Network Equipment Company, Network Management Company, Network Security Company, Phone Equipment Company, PBX Company, Auditing Company, Key System Company, Interconnect Company, ASP Software Applications Company, Computer Company or related company, consider partnering with us. 

If you sell and/or install telecommunication equipment, routers, phones and other hardware, we have a VAR Program specifically designed to help you sell services to your customer base.  You will be assigned a full-time ShopforT1 product specialist who will work with you directly, assisting you with quote generation, proposal generation and carrier paperwork.  You will also be qualified to be a part of our retail VAR program and be eligible to receive warm equipment leads in your area that our network of marketing agents will generate.

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What is VAR Partner and why should I care?
Here's how it works.



Are you a dealer and want to be listed in our VAR network?
Thousands of telephone and computer geeks at your fingertips.
Get FREE PBX Phone Systems quotes from multiple dealers.
Get FREE Network Equipment quotes from multiple dealers.



Turn your T1 leads into cash!
Network Integrator (VAR) Program
We are looking to partner with Value Added Resellers (VARs)
who are looking for the ability to do real-time price and availability research for their clients, who are looking for one single point of contact for T1 services and who want to be a recipient of network installation and equipment leads that we generate (both from retail marketing and business consulting.)
We specialize in service and need experienced VARs to offload our equipment leads. Our system is pretty basic:
The more T1 leads you send to us, the more equipment leads we send to you!



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